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Coming your way...2014

Straighten Out_tour Saturday 22nd November
Dreadnought rock
Bathgate, Scotland
Saturday 13th December
New Arches
Saturday 27th December
The Cluny

12th November 2014

Venue poster...
Download a Straighten Out poster for advertising a gig at your venue here


Straighten Out_tour Straighten Out_tour Straighten Out_tour

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1. GREEN Straighten Out logo (and ravens) with lettering: A Tribute to the Stranglers
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3. WHITE Straighten Out written in the font replicating 'The Gospel According To The Meninblack' album sleeve.

All T-shirts are priced at £10 (plus add £2.50 package and postage)
They are available in sizes: M, L and XL.
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12th November 2014
Another milestone is reached by Straighten Out today as the band celebrate their 7th anniversary.
They're going from strength to strength now as those who've attended any of their gigs this year will testify.
Congratulations Shaggy, Phil, Mick and Mickey P...!
And next year promises to be as busy as ever...!
Cheers guys...!

23rd September 2014
Sorry for the short notice but Thursday's gig at The Diamond (Sutton-in-Ashfield) has had to be cancelled due to band member work commitments.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
The Hope & Anchor gig (London, Friday) and The Vic gig (Swindon, Saturday) are going ahead as planned.
We hope to see a few of you there...!

12th September 2014
Ferry across the Mersey anyone?
Saturday sees Straighten Out return to the Wirral's 'Hotel California' (back to it's original name now after a brief change to 'Revolver')
They played there last year and will be more than welcomed back this weekend by the venue management and enthusiastic punters!
The local newspaper has featured the band in their 'What's On' section, read it here:
Wirral News
See you there...!

6th September 2014
A new video clip is now up from the bands Chesterfield gig (Saturday 30th August)
Over on the Video page..Enjoy...!

20th August 2014
The Connah's Quay gig set for 12th September at the Albion Hotel has been cancelled due to issues with the local council.
We received the following communication from the venue management:
"Have to pull gig at Albion on 12th Sept. as council have given reduced closing hours and other stuff to make it not viable for us to put bands on. Much apologies".
We can only echo our disappointment with the local council...

4th August 2014
The proposed Earlswood Music Festival in Birmingham on Sunday 24th August will now NOT HAPPEN
We have been informed by the event organizer that the festival has been cancelled due to 'infrastructure' failings.
Straighten Out had no role in organising the event and their only involvement was to be performing their set on the day.
Sadly this will now not be so...apologies to all who were planning on going along to support the band...

26th July 2014
Hope you all like the new photo...!

6th June 2014
Gig date change for Bathgate and festival headliner added...
Straighten Out will be headlining on Sunday 24th August at the Earlswood Music Festival in Birmingham (Salter Street, Solihull)
It is a weekend event and camping facilities are available.
Further information will follow soon.
Also note the change of date for their Bathgate has been brought forward one week to 22nd November.
This is to avoid a clash of dates with a certain Mr. Cornwell who is gigging in the same region on the 29th November.

30th May 2014
Two Northwest of England gigs confirmed for September...
Straighten Out will hit North Wales and the Wirral on successive nights in September.
A first ever gig in Connah's Quay (just up from the Deeside Leisure Centre) will take place on Friday 12th September at The Albion Hotel.
I think this place has recently re-opened and now they are fervently promoting live music.
The following night the band venture slightly more north up to the Wirral. A return to Hotel California (formerly, briefly, known as Revolver). The band played their first gig there last year and the owner was very keen to get them back!
So, a northwest double-night soiree from Straighten Out beckons...
See you there...!

29th May 2014
A return to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in December...
Straighten Out have been invited back to The Cluny, Newcastle after a recent private gig there that had the place rammed and rocking!
The gig falls between Xmas and New Year so you can top up on all-things Stranglers to get some necessary relief from all the jolly-holly music that will saturate the pubs and clubs as usual at this moment of the year...!

20th April 2014
An error in our email address has now been corrected. Apologies to those who recently experienced a problem when attempting to contact us. Anyone affected, please try again...thanks.

Oooops! A slight mix-up on our behalf has now been rectified...
Straighten Out's gig at the Dreadnought Rock, Bathgate, Scotland, IS STILL ON Saturday 29th November. Not as briefly stated earlier, on the 1st.
It is the gig at the Railway Venue, Bromley Cross (Bolton) that has switched to Sat. 1st November.
And their gig at the Yardbirds in Grimsby has been put back from 26th July to 23rd August.
Make a note in your diaries...!

10th April 2014
Straighten Out's gig at the Britannia, Aylesbury on Saturday 19th July has had to be cancelled due to the venue closing down.
Another victim of the times in 'austerity Britain'...

Saturday 19th April...this gig at the Holroyd Arms in Guildford is NOT a private gig. All are welcome to attend...

5th March 2014
Hope & Anchor show...
This Saturday sees the band travelling once more to the capital for the 'pre-Hammersmith Apollo Stranglers show' special across town at the famous Hope & Anchor.
Straighten Out will be playing a very high tempo set, predominantly 'Rattus-Heroes-Black&White' tracks to get your mind set for the subsequent Stranglers show itself later that night, over at the Apollo.
As mentioned previously, Straighten Out's set will begin at approx. 3.00pm and will finish for 5.30pm to allow ample time for any cross-town journeys.
As it stands a £5 entrance fee will be charged at the door.
Enjoy the show folks...and be early...!!!
Refresh your memories of their last visit there by viewing the selection of H&A videos on the 'video' page...

12th February 2014
Message of 'Thanks' from Shaggy and a great warm-up gig for pre-Hammersmith Stranglers show...
On a personal level, Shaggy would like to convey a very sincere 'thank you' to each and every one of you who sent him a message of condolence following the recent passing away of his mother. Your kind thoughts at such a sad time were comforting...
On a professional level, Shaggy and the band are pleased to be able to deliver to you a 'pre-Hammersmith Apollo Stranglers show' special performance across town at......the Hope & Anchor...!
Yes, a Straighten Out gig which you can follow up with a Stranglers gig all on the same afternoon/evening!
Straighten Out will be playing a very high tempo set, predominantly Rattus-Heroes-Black&White tracks to get your pulses running and your spirits high, especially for those planning on heading westward for the Stranglers show itself later that night.
Straighten Out's set will begin at approx. 3.00pm and will finish for 5.30pm to allow ample time for any cross-town journeys.
Anyone who attended the previous excellent 'double-header' day in 2008 (if I remember correctly?), which involved Straighten Out in the underground Ginglik pub (Shepherds Bush Green) and The Stranglers at Shepherds Bush Empire, will surely recall what an exceptional treat that day provided for all who lasted the pace...!!!
We look forward to a similar experience on 8th March...see you there...and be early...!!!

17th January 2014
Change of dates for two April gigs...
To accommodate owner John's change of circumstances at The Railway (Bromley Cross), Straighten Out have brought their gig forward one week to Saturday 5th April. As a consequence they have correspondingly re-arranged the Leeds show for the following night, Sunday 6th April.

13th January 2014
Birmingham gig added to 2014 Tour...
Straighten Out will be returning to The Roadhouse in Birmingham on Saturday 6th September.

7th January 2014
Two more gigs added to 2014 Tour...
Straighten Out have added Doncaster and Hull venues to their 2014 tour. The Leopard (Doncaster) and O'Rileys (Hull) will be visited in February and October respectively.

24th December 2013
Straighten Out 2014 Tour Dates...
Straighten Out can now confirm 21 gigs for 2014. More dates may be added at a later stage...
Have yourselves a merry festive season and we wish you all a prosperous and happy new year...!
Cheers all...x

5th December 2013
I Would Walk 500 Miles to see this band...!
Update: read additional note at end of item...

And so the curtain came down on Straighten Out's excursions to Scotland... As very nearly did the security barrier protecting the stage! The staff had to do running repairs on the barrier to keep it upright! The hoards of fans almost toppled over the barrier as Straighten Out began 'Straighten Out' and the place erupted with unrestrained joy! The attendance for this ultimate gig was exceptionally large and the band were taken aback by their presence (and outpouring of love and affection and demands for further gigs!) after their arduous journey north. The band really love Scotland (and it's inhabitants!) and always enjoyed gigging's other constraints that impede continued visits across the border, as people are now aware, hence this 'farewell' show. And what a show! The usual high-energy setlist soon warmed up the crowd who seemed intent to enjoy the occasion to the max right from the start...I suppose the crashing barrier was inevitable! Straighten Out roared through tracks from 'Rattus', 'No More Heroes', 'Black and White', 'The Raven' and beyond and after they gave the crowd a short time to draw breath, pausing before an encore, who could have forseen what would confront them next...?!?! Enter Straighten Out adorned with huge 'See you Jimmy' hats with ginger wigs plus an additional ginger beard for lead Proclaimer on the night, Mick! As Phil's guitar kicked in you realised that yes, they were actually gonna play the Proclaimers '500 Miles' tune, with Mick belting out the lyrics! The crowd were as equally stunned as inclined to fall about laughing! A memorable moment indeed...hilarious. See the clip below... So, sadly Scotland bid farewell to Straighten Out as the night passed to dawn... A great effort by the band in what resulted in a 28-hour shift (33 hours for Phil!) to bring you the delights of those timeless Stranglers' classics. And a huge thank you to all who turned out to make it THE best night ever for the band up in Scotland. Your very, very vocal support was noted and greatly always, as well as the help and support of the venue management and staff at the Dreadnought... Cheers all..!
[Webmaster] - Update: I've not long spoken to Shaggy and I can tell you that there's been an enormous amount of activity via texts, emails, facebook and twitter all strenuously urging the band to reconsider their decision to omit Scotland from next years touring schedule. Well, it seems the 'campaign' has triumphed for, ladies and gentlemen, Bathgate (exclusively) will be 'strangled' once more as Shaggy has confirmed that Straighten Out will return to the town as one of their gigs for 2014...!
Thanks to each and everyone who offered venues and accommodation etc., to assist the band.
So, if you dwell north of England keep checking for next year's tour dates...see you Jimmy...!

November 30th 2013 - Dreadnought Rocks, Bathgate (Scotland)

24th November 2013
Great gig at Bromley Cross!
The Railway Music Venue, Bromley Cross (Bolton) never fails to impress...The crowd continues to grow as word spreads of just how good Straighten Out really are...The band are almost setting up a residency there! The gig last night was very loud and very lively and generated a superb response from the audience who writhed away all night, almost spilling on to the stage at times with shirts stripped off, sadly only by the men! Even Nice 'n' Sleazy couldn't entice the ladies to remove their tops...hmmm...

13th November 2013
Railway Music Venue up next...and Happy Anniversary to the band...!
A welcome return to Bolton is the next port of call for Straighten Out as the year's end approaches...and speaking of years, today (13th November) marks the 6th anniversary of the foundation of the band...! It's been a great adventure so far and the journey will of course continue throughout next year...keep checking the 'Live' page for future gigs
And, last but by no means least, we wish to say 'Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged us over the last six years, your attendance and enthusiasm at the shows is greatly appreciated'
[Webmaster: Here's to another equally eventful six years...cheers all!]
See you on the 23rd...!

3rd October 2013
Hope &Anchor - Review and Videos added...
Two more excellent videos from Straighten Out's latest show at the Hope & Anchor have been uploaded to the video page. 'Sometimes' and 'Princess of the Street'. Many thanks to Steve Speight for his outstanding work in capturing these live shows.
Additionally, we extend are thanks to 'ElvisInThe Clouds' for providing us with a review of the gig. We appreciate his unbiased (of course!) description of events...
Another great night had by all...seemingly...

23rd September 2013
Hope &Anchor - storming gig...
Straighten Out's latest show at the Hope & Anchor was boisterous to say the least! It was indeed a wonderfully exuberant mass of fans that almost brought the keyboard racks tumbling down on more than one occasion...! The show flowed as the band fed the crowd and the crowd nourished the band and once again Straighten Out managed to satiate their rapturous fans. A storming gig. A very sincere 'thank you' to all who attended the show...we look forward to the next instalment...!
Two new video clips from the set are now up on the 'Video' page - check them out!

20th September 2013
Hope &Anchor - spiritual home...
Straighten Out appear once again at the 'spiritual home' of The Stranglers tonight. The Stranglers cut their teeth at this legendary London venue and Straighten Out have performed admirably at this place to recreate those heady times from the epic early years of The Stranglers.
I would urge you to read Alan Hillier's article on the 'Reviews' page.
"...and a lot of people missed out on something very special last night……..BUT If you would have told me 35 years ago that I would have been standing in the basement of the Hope and Anchor on an evening in June 2011 listening to a Strangler’s tribute band I would have thought that impossible beyond anybody’s wildest dreams, but last night I was and I have to say that it was truly amazing. When I initially thought about going I had some reservations, but any doubt about the quality of this band were ‘blown away’ in seconds as they launched into their set. Straighten Out are simply brilliant. They are the first ‘Tribute’ band I have ever seen, ever, and the word ‘Tribute’ suddenly takes on a new resonance with me because that’s exactly what they did, they paid tribute to some of the greatest British songs that, in my opinion, have ever been written and played them with consummate skill, style and passion. The level of their musicianship was astonishing as they brought these incredible songs ‘back to life’ in a venue that holds so many memories for me personally and I want to take this opportunity to thank Shaggy and all the boys for a memorable step back in time, evoking some fantastic recollections. For any Stranglers fan this band are simply unmissable and I wholeheartedly endorse them without reservation and can’t wait to see them in action again".
"...visions of The Stranglers. I watched, I listened and occasionally I closed my eyes. Straighten out ‘delivered’ last night and once again all I can add is………………. Thank you". [Al Hillier]
So, see you all there...!

8th September 2013
Straighten Out - Scotland Announcement:
Lamentably, the band have been forced to the conclusion that the Bathgate gig in November will be their farewell gig to Scotland.
The financial demands on the band when undertaking such trips to Scotland has now become excessive.
The hardest part of their decision has been consideration for the wonderful fans who repeatedly turned up over what has been six marvellous years. Straighten Out always valued your support and the assistance of the venues and staff. The band stress that their decision is in no way a judgement on the country, venues or fans. The band have had many great nights across the border.
Openly and honestly, the sheer financial burden is now too much to bear.
Straighten Out are fully committed to the Bathgate gig and we hope that all you loyal fans up there can pack the place out and make it a gathering to remember as the curtain comes down on Straighten Out's Caledonian adventures...
Thanks again to all in Scotland who helped and supported the band over the years...
Straighten Out

7th September 2013
Three Tuns gig cancelled...
Tonight's gig at the Three Tuns, Gateshead has unfortunately been cancelled due to transportation failure...
The band's van experienced serious brake problems on last night's trip to Glasgow and subsequently had to call upon the breakdown services to rescue them and get them home safe and sound (after the gig, thankfully). As a consequence of their tribulations the band are unable to get themselves and their multitude of equipment up to Gateshead for the scheduled gig later today.
We apologise for the cancellation and inconvenience to our dedicated fans.
The band informed the venue manager of their situation immediately, even though it was the very early hours of the morning, to give him the maximum amount of time to possibly alter plans. We would like to convey to you the heartfelt response to the band's plight from the Three Tuns venue manager...: "F**cking Hopeless".
As Shaggy reacted: "I don't need messages like 'F**cking Hopeless' after the journey we have just had, an 8 hour trip back from Glasgow...(with the breakdown service)...that's why you got a text at the time you did so you could try and sort something first thing and not at the last minute".
Nobody's pleased when a gig is cancelled, least of all the guys who virtually live for the band, but inconveniences will happen, hey, that's life...which the band also cherish, and severe brake failure can put that in serious jeopardy.
Again, apologies and we trust you will understand...

4th September 2013
Gig review from the recent Greyhound (Beeston) show and Scotland/Gateshead up next...
A review of Straighten Out's July gig at the Greyhound in Beeston has been added to the 'Reviews' page and we expect more gig reviews to follow soon...!
The band head back up to the very hospitable Glasgow this Friday to perform once more on the ferry in the river. A unique venue and atmosphere for all the toilers up there...! Gateshead's Three Tuns is the next stop on Saturday as the band make their way homeward via the delights of the Geordie outpost upon the Tyne! Catch them along the way and enjoy another 'Stranglers' night out...

20th August 2013
The Railway Venue next up...
Straighten Out make a most welcome return to The Railway Music Venue, Bromley Cross (Bolton) this Saturday. It is always a great evening in a pub where the management really appreciate live music and which, throughout the year, caters for a wide range of tastes.
The band always enjoy playing this venue and I can personally assure you that the fans most certainly welcome them being there!
I (and the band!) look forward to seeing you there this weekend...Don't be late...!

26th July 2013
Tonight's gig cancelled...
Straighten Out WILL NOT be appearing at Victoria (Biker Pub), Leicester tonight.
The financial restrictions imposed have made it unfeasible for the band considering their travelling/accomodation expenses.
The venue proposed an 80%/20% doors sales split (in the venues favour) with a mere £4 entrance fee...even if a hundred people attented that wouldn't cover the band's fuel costs.
So, regrettably the band have no option but to cancel this gig...after all, they are not a charity!
We will add that all other gigs are unaffected and will proceed as listed on the 'Live' page...

12th July 2013
Crewe gigs...
Straighten Out are having to alter their arrangements regarding the two scheduled Crewe gigs this year.
The 10th August gig has been cancelled due to family commitments and for the 9th November gig the venue wanted us to reschedule the date so it will now probably take place early next year...
We apologise to fans who were making plans to attend either gig but we hope to see you all real soon...

8th July 2013
Nottinghan gig this month...
Straighten Out WILL be playing at The Greyhound, Beeston, Nottingham on Saturday 20th July...
An oversight on our behalf led to the gig's omission on the gig guide page but this show is definitely ON...
Don't be late...!

1st June 2013
R.I.P. Gary Holt...(26/7/62 - 28/5/13)
Straighten Out are saddened to hear that Gary Holt, long-term friend of the band (in all it's incarnations), passed away this week.
We offer our sincere condolences to his family and all his friends at this sad time. He suffers no more, may he now rest in peace.
Mick (keyboards) has kindly written a piece in appreciation of their frienship of the good man...:
'It is with great sadness that on Tuesday 28th of May, after suffering with terminal liver cancer, Gaz Holt passed away. He had been on many tours with the band over the years, including the first incarnation of The Stranglers tribute 'Orange Alert' /' Four More Heroes'.
He had a passion for football and was a dedicated England and Manchester United supporter. And when the band toured Scotland, he would often wear his England shirt and wander off to sample the local brew, nobody ever took any offence to this...he was very amiable.
Gaz was also an avid fan of Punk & New Wave bands, and in particular a fan of The Stranglers...he even attended their now legendary Battersea Park gig back in '78.
Out of all the tracks by The Stranglers, one of his favourites was 'Down in the Sewer', and at one of the early 'Four More Heroes' gigs, he was constantly asking for 'Sewer' to be played, and when we finally got around to play 'Sewer', Gaz, who by this time was worse for wear, fell over whacking his head on the corner of a speaker cab, and missed the song completely, he had been taken outside semi-unconscious!
We had some great times and enjoyed a lot of funny and sometimes bizarre moments with him'.
He will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Gaz - Mick Turley
Straighten Out - (Mick, Shaggy, Phil and Micky P.)
And the Apple Gang - Andy, Phil, & Fatbus Jim.
Four More Heroes - Jon, Nick, & Howard.
And not forgetting Andy Clogg.

15th May 2013
A great start to the tour...
Straighten Out shook up their setlist for the Birkenhead gig and more than a few surprises were integrated into their show...
As a flavour of what to expect think more 'Raven', 'MenInBlack' and 'La Folie' era and, I shall reveal, a mighty rendition of 'Always The Sun'...! It was a truly outstanding gig, which reverberated throughout the Revolver and the crowd were bouncing along to the songs from the outset, quite a lively night stretched into early morning as the band played on until 1.00am - due to the later start time.
On the way home I'm thinking 'I can't wait to catch up with them again' I drive through a certain Mersey tunnel...!
See some more of you fans on the road soon too...

9th April 2013
2013 touring begins...
The wait is over...Straighten Out start their lastest tour this Saturday at the Yardbirds in Grimsby and then head west to Birkenhead to play for their first time at the Revolver a fortnight later.
We look forward to seeing you on the road during 2013...

6th February 2013
Two new gigs three new videos...
An August gig at the Roadhouse, Birmingham has been added and the first gig of 2014, yes, next year, has been confirmed, at the Tropic in Ruislip. Speaking of which, three excellent videos from their recent gig there can now be viewed on the 'media page'. Check them out...and a big, big 'Thank You' to Steve Speight who's skills and endeavour made these videos possible.
Listen out for the council complaint at the start of the 'Straighten Out' tune...'the bass is too loud'??? I would have suggested that they turn their hearing-aids off temporarily then...or simply vacate the premises and leave people to enjoy themselves...haha!

The Stranglers:

The Stranglers came to prominence during the mid-70's and thrived as outlaws on the Punk/New Wave scene that exploded across the UK in the latter period of that decade - much to the annoyance of the contemporary media! Their first three albums 'Rattus Norvegicus', 'No More Heroes' and 'Black and White' spawned such huge 'hits' as: 'Peaches', 'No More Heroes' and 'Nice'n'Sleazy'. These albums, reflecting the times, were full of tunes that were harsh and aggresive yet contained enough melody and humour to further intrigue and excite. 'Peaches' gave The Stranglers their first top-ten chart placing, though the song had to be edited before national radio and television airings were permitted!
Deliberate changes in musical direction then created 'The Raven', 'Men In Black' and 'La Folie' - a trio of exquisite albums that brought to light such tracks as: 'The Raven', 'WaltzinBlack' and 'Golden Brown'. Not resting on their laurels as 'Golden Brown' sales went ballistic, The Stranglers next adopted a more 'european' and acoustic style, augmented at times by a brass section. This shift produced the more gentle 'Feline' and 'Aural Sculpture' albums with prominent hits being 'European Female' and 'Skin Deep'. The rich vein of singles continued as 'Alway's The Sun' and '96 Tears' were taken from the 'Dreamtime' and 'Ten' albums respectfully. A magnificent cover of 'All Day and All of the Night' rocketed into the UK top-ten in the middle of the latter two releases to add to The Stranglers incredible collection.
The band's following significant change in 'style' was structural. Hugh Cornwell departed and Paul Roberts and John Ellis joined as the band metamorphosed into a five-piece with distinctive frontman Paul Roberts taking over on vocals. A quartet of albums 'In The Night', 'About Time', 'Written In Red' and 'Coup de Grace' were released, maintaining the diverse nature of the band, confirmed by the tracks: 'Heaven or Hell', 'Sugar Bullets', 'Golden Boy', 'In Heaven She Walks', 'Coup de Grace' and 'In The End'.
As the millenium arrived, rather than the end of the earth as predicted by some eccentrics, a new star actually appeared in the form of Baz Warne. Baz, as lead guitarist, replaced John Ellis, and the harder edge was back in the band's output as witnessed by the ultimate triumvirate of albums, 'Norfolk Coast', 'Suite XVI' and 'Giants'. Baz also assumed co-vocal duties on 'Suite XVI' and 'Giants' with JJ Burnel as Paul Roberts had retired from the band. This triplet of albums included tracks such as: 'Norfolk Coast', 'Big Thing Coming', 'Dutch Moon', 'Spectre of Love', 'Unbroken', 'Relentless', 'Freedom Is Insane', 'Time Was Once On My Side' and 'Mercury Rising'. Exuding raw energy and subtlety in varying degrees throughout, these albums indicated a resurgence of creativity and activity for the band, reaping critical acclaim for their music and rewarded by swelling crowds on their intensified tours.
With, as ever, Jet Black and Dave Greenfield providing the foundation to the greatest British rock band of all time The Stranglers have produced an extraordinary catalogue of music that is so energetic or calming, evocative or provocative, subtle or 'in your face' - but whatever the mood of music, it's always guaranteed to generate a reaction...
Tremendous versatlity and vigor, innate traits of a band that has maintained it's presence on the world's stages for a staggering five decades...Deservingly so...
A selection of tracks from the vast catalogue: '(Just Get A) Grip (On Yourself)', 'Down In The Sewer', 'Hanging Around', 'Something Better Change', 'Bring On The Nubiles', 'Bitching', 'Straighten Out', 'Toiler On The Sea', 'Tank', 'Walk On By', 'Duchess', 'Thrown Away', 'Who Wants The World?', 'Strange Little Girl', 'No Mercy', 'Midnight Summer Dream', 'Golden Boy', 'Valley Of The Birds', 'Sommat Outta Nowt', 'Giants', 'Boom Boom'
Studio Albums (17): 'Rattus Norvegicus', 'No More Heroes', 'Black And White', 'The Raven', '(The Gospel According To) The Men In Black', 'La Folie', 'Feline', 'Aural Sculpture', 'Dreamtime', 'Ten', 'In The Night', 'About Time', 'Written In Red', 'Coup De Grace', 'Norfolk Coast', 'Suite XVI', 'Giants'.