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Shaggy Birtles

Bass & Vocals

1978 Black, Maple Neck Fender Precision

Steinberger L2 (headless bass)

Hiwatt Custom 200 Bass Amp

and Hiwatt Custom  4 x 10 & 1 x 15 full range cab

Audio Technica aew R4100 radio system

Korg dtr2000 digital tuner


Phil Harvey

Guitars & Vocal

No.1: Fender Telecaster Black, Rosewood Neck

No.2: Fender Telecaster Black, Rosewood neck

No.3: Vintage natural body 1978 Telecaster

1970 HIWATT Custom DR103 100W Amp

Original 1969 Marshall 4x12 "1935" Slant Cab


Mick "The Doc" Turley

Keyboard & Vocals

Hammond L100 organ (1962 vintage)

Moog ONE polyphonic tri-timbral analog sythesiser

Minimoog monophonic analog synthesiser

Nord Piano 2

Arturia MatrixBrute analog synthesizer

2 x MXR Phase 100

Boss rotary-speaker effects pedal

Morley 'Wha Wha' pedal

Drums & Percussion

Yamaha 9000 Black

10", 12" & 14"Tom

20" Bass drum

Pearl Limited Edition 14x9 Snare

Paiste 10" Splash

Paiste PST7 16" , 17" , 18" (crash) and 20" (ride) Cymbals

Paiste PST7 14" Heavy Hi-hat Cymbal's

DW5000 Bass Drum pedel

DW5000 Hi-hat Stand

Pearl Boom Stands


John "Jet Setter" Talbot