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Shaggy Birtles

Bass & Vocals

Shuker Shaggster signature bass, black

1978 Black, Maple Neck Fender Precision

Steinberger L2 (headless bass) black

Yamaha Broad Bass 2000 black

Ampeg SVT Classic Amp

and Ampeg 810E Classic bass cab

Audio Technica aew R4100 radio system

Korg dtr2000 digital tuner


Phil Harvey

Guitars & Vocal

No.1: Fender Telecaster Black, Rosewood Neck

No.2: Fender Telecaster Black, Rosewood neck

No.3: Vintage natural body 1978 Telecaster

1970 HIWATT Custom DR103 100W Amp

Original 1969 Marshall 4x12 "1935" Slant Cab


Mick "The Doc" Turley

Keyboard & Vocals

Hammond L100 organ (1962 vintage)

Moog ONE polyphonic tri-timbral analog sythesiser

Minimoog monophonic analog synthesiser

Nord Piano 2

Arturia MatrixBrute analog synthesizer

2 x MXR Phase 100

Boss rotary-speaker effects pedal

Morley 'Wha Wha' pedal

Drums & Percussion

Yamaha 9000 Black

10", 12" & 14"Tom

20" Bass drum

Pearl Limited Edition 14x9 Snare

Paiste 10" Splash

Paiste PST7 16" , 17" , 18" (crash) and 20" (ride) Cymbals

Paiste PST7 14" Heavy Hi-hat Cymbal's

DW5000 Bass Drum pedel

DW5000 Hi-hat Stand

Pearl Boom Stands