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The New Year kicks off with a bang as Straighten out play there first gig in 5 years at Moses Gate, Farnworth which has always been a fantastic venue. This year we have also got some very exciting gigs booked. First of all we have the pre Stranglers gigs. Nice n Sleazy on the 5th March then the Hope & Anchor on the 11th March.


The band are also playing the Grand venue,into the Valley in Clitheroe on Saturday 9th April.

Straighten out will be playing with the Complete Clash, the Stiffs and Brassneck

Tickets are £10 and available by ringing the box office:01200421599 or on facebook:


You may or may not know but 2016 is the 40th anniversary of the Finchley's meeting the Stranglers. So theFinchley boys have decided to have a bit of a bash. Most of you will know that two of the original Finchley Boys passed away last year Chris Green and John Harrnety also Leigh Bull 2014 and Andy(Daddy) Christou in 2001 so this bash is dedicated to them and all proceeds will be going to charities so come along and have a fun night help some good causes this is a one off as I doubt there will be another.

Straighten Out will be headlining & it is gonna be a once in a lifetime bash. Tickets are available by contacting Steve Hillier


Poster download available